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My name is Bud Thomas, and my wife, Melissa, and I would like to welcome you to Twin Willow Farms, LLC, home of purebred Red Angus cattle. After growing up farming and backed by four generations of family raising livestock, I got into the purebred industry in 1984 and was blessed to have raised or been a partner in several major champions within the Limousin breed. Then, in 2013, a business partner and I made the decision to buy each other out of the partnership cattle; he went with the Limousin breed, and I went with the Red Angus.

Why Red Angus Cattle?

After studying the Red Angus breed for several years, and being impressed by their functionality and phenotype, as well as efficiency and carcass data, we began raising purebred Red Angus cattle on our farm. We particularly like the animals’ docility, and I also wanted the association of a breed that was on the right track and could go out in the pasture and work without having to back a feed truck up to the barn to sustain them, as well as having the carcass ability to grade out in the packing plant. I also like the red hided cattle and see a difference when the heat of summer is going on, that the red cattle seem to take the heat a little easier than the black cattle do, especially on Missouri fescue.

After having the Red Angus on the farm for a few years, we knew we had made the correct decision and have never regretted switching to them. We place a lot of emphasis on acquiring the right genetics and have purchased cattle and embryos from what I believe are several of the top breeders in the US and Canada.

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